time flies.


going through the task of sorting through photographs and getting ready to FINALLY archive them. so...have brought all of 2006 over to the laptop, and in sorting came across this gem. i actually think alicia photo'd the keaney. nevertheless, she is just so little. so much change in 15 months time. in many ways she has made some adjustments in character and behavior. her temperment has evened out. she is better at playing with gracie and they both can go so well together for longer periods of time. she goes to bed better. not up, usually, as many times at night. but still awake and ready to go at 6...this could still change.
all said, life never stays stagnant or the same. something is always changing. i think i dwell on this subject often. we are told to number our days. for me photography and my books and journaling help to do such. i am thankful i get these opportunities.

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  1. Yes, Ms Analise is not a baby or little anymore. She is a child growing into a girl. It is good that her temper is evening out ... she sure could get upset in a hurry. Being able to play with Gracie gives them both something to do while the bigger ones are out on the bikes and about.

    Seeing time pass through your kids is a good lens I imagine. The Chronicles of Your Life are well preserved in your albums, pics and journals. The kids will appreciate them even more when they are older. I always enjoy looking at your new work when I visit. They are a blessing to me and keep me connected with your activities.