day at the zoo.


it was a great, great day at the zoo. a wonderful fall day. temps in the low 70's. the trees were in the midst of their seasonal change in color. the park like setting was great to saunter and explore. the animals could not have been any more better behaved. they were active and beautiful. the delight in gracie's eye was priceless. she even followed along on the map and updated us as to our whereabouts. that was only when seth was not on his game letting us know where we were. the girls loved the carousel, of course. every where we go in america, we have to ride the merry-go-round. i wish i could put in a bottle the delight in those girls eyes that brightens their faces while enjoying a simple pleasure of a ride on a carousel. it's just precious.
this was for analise's fourth birthday. she was loving it. everything was 'my birthday'. sigh. sort of a passing of a phase. along with all her humanly challenges (because we all have them) she has been a wonderful, delightful toddler. i love her love of life and wonder and excitement in the sweet things that life affords us.

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