popcorn vendor. friendly clown. bare back rider.


what a full day of getting costumes ready for tonights club and circus night. the girls were very excited. all day long analise: "i'm going to be .... what's that called mamma? oh, a bareback rider". funny. avery helped alot with her outfit. she did a good job. it was her idea, and i just helped get the pieces in place. gracie wanted to be a horse, of course, but that was not working with what supplies we had on hand. so we made her a clown. avery decided analise was going to be the bare back rider, following a's tradition from the year before.
so the night was festive even though we weren't home handing out candy to our neighborhood. the kids don't go tricker-treating, but they are always eager to hand it out. club tonight was games, getting their verses said, and then popcorn and a movie with a bag of candy to end the night. it was a fun day.

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