remembering birthday.


sunday was a fun day with friends, family, and celebrating seth's birthday. he was in a weird mental place that day. but that set aside, the time together was great! the weather was absolutely fabulous. at one point we were all sitting and watching the kids and men play baseball all the while basking in the sunshine. we could not have prayed for a better day. the temp was perfect, the wind was at bay. this means so much to all of us as memories of last fall and winter are not to far gone. so to be out like that at the end of october here in colorado, was indeed a gift. a gift for me, anyway. (looks like tomorrow has a high of can't stay warm forever).
seth is entering that inbetween place of life. loving legos, all the while receiving a large volume of jules vernes works. money has it's place as a gift, but the fun of a jonathon park audio-theatre cd brings great joy as well. avery was very proud to give him a pillow with a case that she sewed herself. her face shone with such pride. it was precious.
baseball, hot dogs, apple pie (and we do own a chevrolet) were all specially requested by him. he is simple, yet complicated. he is simply complicated. i love him. he makes me laugh. he makes me beam. he makes me want to scob his nob. he even makes me cry. twelve quick years from now and he will be in his mid-20s living the life GOD created him for. what else could i ask for.
(will post photos when no too tired to get up an get the camera and upload sunday's shots).

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