crazy busy? or just crazy?


not sure which right much i have wanted to write and share via photo.
this week:
way cool veterans day dedicating our park to dane balcon, killed in the line of duty sept 2007.
monday: crazy homeschool gathering at wh. three more families were there and made the pe instructor a little nutty. the thing that stressed me out? she did not tell me, but went to the children's ministry director!!! argh!
tuesday: paul had early morning meeting, then had to go post his name change in the gazette (but did not have all the right paperwork), and then went right into work. about an 18 hour day. tired. also, my morning consisted of putting out fires from mondays pe disaster.
wednesday: paul and keaney went back downtown to get his classified post done. he came home, i finished lessons with the girls, then took avery to get her pallette appliance, and seth had a broken bracket so he got it fixed the same time (which meant he did not get a full days work of school done...messed me all up for the rest of the week...but i have been doing a great job letting it go. then we had to shop for samaritans operation christmas child boxes. this came after a lunch of soup at panera. you would have thought i bought the kids the moon! they were so excited. it was a very chilly day...soup was perfect! then we did the sam's run. by the time i got home i was tired and had a headache. so i laid down for a bit, just in time to get ready to go to awana for the rest of the evening.
thursday: resume studies with all children. get avery caught up on her music as she had lessons that afternoon. get menu and grocery list written for the upcoming holiday. ponder when i should actually go to the store. worked on a girlfriend who shall remain nameless birthday present. and decided to go to the store with paul when he got home. mom wanted to see the kids for awhile, which i thought was great!!! so he helped me get that task accomplished.
friday: slept in!!! planned no school. except we always read something...and we did. kids played and worked at cleaning basement...while i finished aforementioned girlfriends present. cleaned house some. read to the little ones for a while in the afternoon. made dinner, and had family night watching princess bride. the kids had never seen that made for a fun night. keaney fell asleep on my lap. she had no nap as i let them stay outside as long as they liked today since the early noon and afternoon was so very nice...(snow is coming next week). and here i am now really needing to get in bed as it is saturday now and no longer friday. but i got to get little ditsy things done with christmas projects and did a bit of organizing...and so on to the weekend...


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