birthday musings


thursday is my birthday. do you know what is so great about birthdays? it can be a way to receive how much people love you. i am loved. i am loved greatly. the above gift is what we call around here a 'birthday fest gift'. it's when you get a gift everyday the week of your birthday. simple and sweet gifts...the best kind. these are from my sister. the first day was a starbucks card...i love starbucks and this is the first time i had ever received a card! it was great. the next day was candy. i have a weakness for chewy sweethearts and laffy taffy. i know, low standards, but so yummy.

another point about birthdays, is the time of reflection on one's life. in light of what we deem 'big' birthdays { 40...} the reflection seems to go a little deeper.

my life is blessed. abundantly. my life is alot of work, but it is a good life. i have a beautiful and healthy family. the highlight of my life. i have family very close by and always eager to lend a hand. i have great friends far and near. they make me laugh, sometimes they make me cry. but i love them all. my church is a great place of worship and fellowship. my house is simple, but filled with alot of love and energy.
guess you could say i love my life.
i am blessed.

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