the friday file.


here's a look at the week in passing. it is my goal to make friday an update on academic as well as personal pursuits in our home.
gracie is my star pupil this week. we had great fun doing lessons together these past few days. she takes to her math without challenge (she is working on telling time). but most notable is her reading and writing skills. she made it through her little reader (vic the ostrich) several times this week. that is quite the accomplishment for us. her struggle has been in reading for quite some time. but the joy on her face at her known accomplishment made us both so happy. i love to see children hurdling over their challenges and becoming stronger through them.

avery acquired a 'superior' on her Federation of Music audition a week ago. what a great accomplishment. she takes it all in stride, which makes me giggle at her. there is a notable turn in her playing ability. and it's thrilling i almost never have to remind her to practice, she is on the piano many times through out the day working on her newest piece. this sunday night we are having another neighborhood piano recital at the dejong's. always a great time to get together with the neighbors (especially this time of year when we never see each other as it is too cold!)and, need to mention her reading is taking off!! great strides have been made very recently.

seth is taking an even, balanced approach at his studies these days. we received his testing scores a couple of weeks ago, and we were all pleased with the knowing results. he is well aware of his 'room for improvement' opportunities. and he took those in stride which i thought was a sign of maturity. he is fairly independent working in his history and science. he has actually become the mad scientist with all of his electrical experiments of late. it's quite a hoot.

and then there is keaney...she is in the deep study of play and getting along with her sister gracie. she is becoming eager to want to write, and it looks like i need to pull out the ol' reading in 100 easy lessons. i love to watch her sit with avery while a is doing her reading. she just watches the book and watches avery. sweet!

paul is back and forth between the pueblo store and broadmoor. alot of people said good bye to him yesterday which he said was a sort of sad time. alot of changes have occured in that store, as well as in him as a manager over the past three years. now maybe we can save a little on gas expenses.

the weekend holds activities at the church on saturday and sunday. and hopefully a family dinner sunday afternoon, which will then lead into recital that evening.
have a good weekend.

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