friday file.


the week started off busy.

art and pe classes on monday as well as a laura ingalls wilder presentation.

the girls went to the thurlows afterwords for the afternoon.

seth had eric over.

this allowed me to get paper craft projects completed and ready to ship.

tuesday we were home and trying to stay focused on lessons.

wednesday it was off to the dentist for paul and ortho for seth and avery. we stopped and did some easter dress shopping after that. those girls are a hoot to go shopping with. i am in for it the older they get. hilarious.

wednesday evening was awana and celebrating st patrick...see my lepruchan:

thursday again home and trying to stay focused. first signs of some sickness coming on for me.

friday i was down and out. on the couch for most of the day. the kids were good: the girls listened to audio books most of the morning. seth read or worked on legos. it snowed most of the morning, so before lunch they went to tear it all up as well as clean off the back porch. after lunch they watched rick steve's israel and egypt. israel was appropriate in light of the easter holy week we are entering into. and egypt was useful to followup with some of the history they have been studying.

gracie did not get much one on one attention this week. i say that by way of confession, as it just proves that when we are out and about so much that tasks at home get put on the back burner. she is doing so well in her reading too. let's hope we can make up for lost time this week.

let's hope i get better soon and off this couch!

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