good reads.


we are still working on mara daughter of the nile. getting so interesting.

i am almost finished with hittite warrior. perspective: causes one to reflect and be so thankful to have been born in a more free time. there is so much oppression in the world currently, and there always will be, it's man's depravity. but in the ancient world, unless you were of great affluence and your country was never conquered by another, then all life was oppression. the constant fear as a peasant of being captured and deemed to live a life of slavery was simply a way of life. one must be thankful and live life accordingly.

picked up the big picture by stacy julian to read along side of photo freedom. her insight is always enlightening. she helps me to have a broader perspecitive on life. another good history lesson.

also got a hold of abba's child by brennan manning. he is one of my all-time favorite authors. the way he opens himself up to his faults and failures, yet wraps them in God's eternal love is what makes his writting so attractive. it is truth. a new favorite quote came from last nights reading: "the grace to grasp grace is grace". love it.

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