girlfriend book


the anatomy of my scenic route girlfriend book. the kit is from the april work in progress kit. i have purposely been hoarding the kit, knowing my girlfriends and in were headed to the south for some time off in may. the scenic route chipboard album is adorable. i realize now as i post this that i did not put anything on the tabs yet. have to make mental note to go back and do that.
all supplies are from the providence line. this was a first for me to use only from a specific line, but i sort of forced myself to do so and make it all work. i am pleased with the results.
i used my own chipboard stash for the layouts, so the entire book is chipboard. the following is just some of the book. did not want to bore you with it all.

the tabbed chipboard inserts were used for friendship inspired quotes.

have a good evening.

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  1. Love your girlfriends book! I think I have most of these supplies... might have to make one of these myself!