okay...never hosted a give away before (rak)...and i am celebrating my huge (not) achievement of 100 posts on willow traders. i just needed an excuse to celebrate and share a little mini kit rak. so, leave a comment, and share a birthday tradition you have in your home: special decorations, special dessert, special gifts....whatever. leave your comment by 8 p.m. mt friday night, and i will post the winner on saturday.
thanks for visiting and have a great night.


  1. How fun...I just recently passed the 100 post mark too. Seemed to take me forever though. Congrats on your accomplishment!

    Lets see...a birthday tradition. Not really much of one but usually the birthday boy/girl gets to choose their birthday dinner. Whether it be at a favorite restaurant or home cooked. Its their choice.

  2. How fun of you to offer a RAK to celebrate your 100th post! Also, gave me a chance to discover your great creations!

    As far as birthday traditions, I can't think of anything in particular, expect maybe for the fact that has a bilingual household we always sing the Birthday song in two languages: French and English... love your playlist BTW! ;)

  3. Congrats!

    We have a different tradition with each son (we have 3 boys). Since my middle son turned 20 on friday I will tell you his. Every year since he was little I would ask him what he wanted for his birth-day meals. He thought and thought and said "Green Eggs & Ham!" So he gets green eggs and ham every year for his birthday breakfast. :) I asked last week if he still wanted a birthday breakfast........and even at age 20 he wanted it! So the tradition continues.

  4. wow 100 posts on WT. I love that place. you HAVE to play desperate traders next time, that will definitely up your post count!

    As far as birthday traditions, ever since we were young my parents have let us choose what we want for dinner on our birthdays. when we were younger it was always pizza or some kind of "junk" food like dinner. but now that we are older and out of the house(and yes at 27 with a family of my own my mom still does this) we always want mom's home cooking. This is something I plan to carry on with my son once he gets bigger.

  5. my mom still hosts our birthday dinner's too...and i was just 40! we always ask for comfort food.
    and i love the one about the green eggs...that's a hoot!

  6. That's so nice of you!!

    Ok, so ours is goofy. we inevitably come birthday time are out of either candles or lighters or both, so we blow out imaginary candles :-) its way fun. we do the whole thing as usual, its just that there aren't any candles there!