father's day 2008.


i am finding this to be an emotional father’s day this year. listening to talk radio today. several people calling in and wishing their father’s a fabulous day. some calling in telling that their father’s had passed and they simply missed them. i was sad for them. i have a great dad. he did it all right, even when he thinks he didn’t. we can talk about a great many things together. we love to drag through politics together. it’s easy for us to wax philosophical. i admire his spiritual insight into everyday living. he loves my mom unquestioningly. i have never doubted their relationship. that is huge in a daughter’s life, even an adult daughter’s. he keeps persevering even against discouraging odds. he is not afraid to show his humanity and admit his failures. oh, there are plenty of rough spots, but that just comes with being citizens of this world.
i love the way he is with my son. they have a relationship…how great is that? it means so much to me that they can be together in ‘their’ way. he loves my daughters beautifully. probably re-living some of his early parenting days when his daughters could still be wrapped up in his arms so tight that nothing could get in.
happy father’s day dad! i love you.

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