nine years old.


she's nine. and perfectly the girl she is suppose to be. sweet. soft and tough. she has to be tough with an older brother and two older boy cousins in the neighborhood. she has to be sweet and soft for her two little sisters and younger girl cousin. she is a good mix of it all.
we spent the weekend on my cousins farm. avery discovered a new love: atv-ing. she road all the live long day. she loved it!
at one point she ran out of gas. she was about a 1/2 mile from the house. her oldest cousin was with her. well, he did not realize she had run out, but he was not really paying too close attention to whether he was still with her or not as he was riding the bigger atv. so he left her stranded. she got back to the house hot and mad. whew! that girl can ignite. she was a woman scorned. so mad at her cousin she could only cry. she cooled off and all was well again, but i think she could have bit his head off if she had had the chance. can't say as i blame her.

happy birthday, my beautiful avery!

supplies: cardstock: stampin up: groovy guava
patterned paper: chatterbox: happy circles. happy flourish. happy stroll. happy circles.
scalloped circle: making memories
chipboard 9: not sure
chipboard coasters: sei
chipboard letters: making memories
label: etsy


  1. this is a great LO and a fantastic story behind it! :)

  2. Beautiful layout! And another funny coincidence... if my 9 year old son Seth had been a girl, he would have been named Avery! :-)

  3. wonderful page!!!

  4. Morning Jamie, got your question on my blog. You can upload anytime today. I ususally get up on Sat with a few pending, so anytime is great! Thanks!!