back from vacation. a little melancholy upon my return. we loved the beach and the water and being with family. many family members we had never met. but that's another post. the water was so green, hence the "emerald coast". and warm. fabulously warm. the kids caught crabs and jellyfish. we saw fish 'boiling' not far from us off the coast. of course we searched for the proverbial perfect shell. the older ones got to boogie board for the first time. it was a down right blast. everything we dreamed in a beach vacation and then some. just not enough time. we cut our selves short on the time we had to stay there. a lesson learned as we are already planning on going back next year. so, so very thankful for the opportunity to get down to florida and just be for awhile with our kids and others. how blessed i am.

have a great monday afternoon.

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