vacation journal


one more day till the beach. but i'm not excited...ha! actually today is crazy doing all the last minute stuff and keeping the childrens focused all at the same time. but wanted to post this book i did using the bind it all. love that little tool. it had been sitting in it's box in the closet for several weeks. i lovingly pulled it out the other night and but together this little book. found the florida map paper at my lss. the inside pages, one per a day, are various notebook/journal patterns from stampin up, scenic route, making memories. have a couple of pages inside that are of different sizes. included an envelope in the back for memorabilia. had a 'july' clip hanging around here, but the back side said 2005 (that's why they were so cheap at big lots!). anyway, used heidi swapp tape and covered the year, and you can see that on the back cover.

this was one of those projects that was simply alot of fun to do. came together easy. i need an excuse to make another one.

the next photo here is of an altered book board of quotes from some brenda walton paper stash that has been laying around here literally for years. so i cut them up. simply used p/p from june wip kit and some other pink paislee and kept it fairly simple. this is a gift for a friends daughter for her 17th birthday.

there are a few more photos of this i wanted to post but either blogger or my computer won't let one must be content as to what did get posted. will come back later and check it out.
thanks for taking a peek. can't wait to get back from vacation to do some serious creating with all the passport patterned paper waiting here for me.

have a wonderful thursday!


  1. Beautiful vacation journal - I hope you create lots of wonderful memories to place in it :)

  2. Wow, you have been busy creating some wonderful things lately! Love the little vacation journal and your July art! Hope you have a great vacation at the beach!

  3. hey!
    i'm in florida!
    what beach are you headed too? that little journal will be perfect for your trip!
    hope you have a great time!

  4. hey!
    sounds like you had a lot of fun!! we actually just moved to orlando, 6 months ago...we were in kansas city before then (i've lived in KC my whole life) yah, we live about 35 minutes west of cocoa beach...
    it's quite the change out here!

  5. Love your vacation journal...I wish I had made one before we went on vaca. Have a wonderful time.

  6. That min is so cute and I love what you ended up doing with your header!!

  7. Hi Jamie,
    I just popped over to check out your blog from the inspireME site. Love your stuff, girl!!

  8. what an amazing little journal and how cool to use map pages for the cover. i might lift this little idea!!

    thanks for your blog post today. totally made me smile and i'm going to bookmark your blog. it's fabulous!!