more vintage.


i think i have done 10 layouts this week in the vintage way. there are still more to do...wanted to post some of these. it has been so great to see these old photos. well...they are old to me, anyhow.
it struck me the amount, and even quality of pictures taken of me well over 30 years ago, and the quantity that i take of my children today. my dad has tons of photos on slides. mostly landscapes, but alot of me and my sister when we were little. i treasure these photos. and i may only have a handful for each of my first years of life, but for me, they tell plenty of story.
sometimes i wonder if i work too hard, now, capturing every moment and making the photo the best it can be. not that i would change what i do. i love to take tons of photos and love more to play with them and create layout after layout. i just thought it interesting how content i am as an adult to possess the few, yet precious pictures of yesterday that i do possess.

thanks for stopping by.

have a good weekend.


  1. Awesome Layouts and look haow cute you were. I love that you are scrapping older pictures it makes me want to go digging in my moms closet to see what I can find.

  2. Great layouts of these childhood photos - like Jennifer, inspiring me to go dig out some of my photos I have "acquired" from my dad :-)

  3. What fun layouts! They remind me of how many old photos I have that I want to scrap.

  4. You are SO inspiring, Jamie! Love the vintage pics in these layouts--you rocked them!!