vintage mood.


am into some vintage goodness currently. with my grandmother's passing in april, duplicate old photos of my family were found among her belongings. i nabbed them...shhhh....don't tell anyone...but i'm the winner of this loot, man!

a yummy site i just came across today called sweet twee lab boasts of many sweet vintage kits and finds. am adding this to my etsy list as i hope to be a frequent stalker if not purchaser there. you must go and shop.

do you find you go in swings of scrapping style? i have plenty of other layouts and projects that i am working on, but coming across all of these memoralble photos has got me in the mood!

another addition to my side bar will be zany zinnia. just picked this up there last week, scroll down to see vintage garden. it is way more beautiful in real life than this picture. trust me. also could not resist this add-on either:

it's called dragon fly...not only are the sei ribbons simply stunning, but i can't get enough of the making memories mini letters (i mean how many colors can ya own?), but the dragon fly pen is gorgeous. that little pretty will be holding out till i can get a photo of my other grandma, juanita , when she was a young girl. beautiful. simply lovely and beautiful. but that project is way down on the all will just have to wait for that... more little pic here of me as a wee-one and in the pool at a young age. check out my dad's it!

have a great tuesday afternoon...


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Great music and layouts. I like your style. :)

  2. i love sweet twee labs. i've bought a few of her kits and they are packed with yummy ephemera.

    i go through swings too. i was pretty vintagey there for a while, but now i'm pretty bright and cosmo crickety

    great LOs

  3. Beautiful work Jamie - thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi :)

  4. Love your vintage LOs...what memories! Love sweet twee too!