47 degrees....


...either i am living in the southern hemisphere...or the twilight zone...or both!!!! it is 47 flippin' degress here this morning, foggy....raining...grey...and did i mention cold? argh! i am not in good frame of mind here...i hate this! sigh...not to mention possible flash floods to go along with all this lovely weather. we needed the rain and all...it was the dryest year on record up to about 3 weeks ago...but seriously...it is really very unseasonable here and i must learn to endure...

on a much better lighter note...i, and my family, like so many others, are into the olympics...it's been a fun week and now our new household name is michael phelps...and then did you watch torres last night...i know it was only prelim..but the women's my age...and kicking it!!! i love it. and did you watch her concern last night for her fellow swimmers, lane two was having trouble with her swim gear and not at the block when it was time to race. torres sort of took over and made sure all waited for her...i love that! that is what it is all about. it was just fun to watch.

almost two weeks ago the kids and my friend and i went to the olympic training center in colorado springs. it was a great way to get in the mood and mindset for these games. all the athletes, of course, were already in beijing, but it was still great to see where the indoor games were trained and see all the great quotes everywhere. think i am inspired to do a book with all the quotes i picked up that day. these athletes are amazing to me the way they dedicate so much of their entire lives to these few two weeks of competition against the world. very inspiring.

for those of you in the northern hemisphere...have a wonderful summery day!


  1. OMG how did you live for 3 days i would have DIED!!well glad you are up and running!! what a cool picture of the kids!Go Phelps!!!

  2. cool pic! we love the olympics here too!

  3. cool pic! we love the olympics here too!

  4. what is up with the double post? LOL oops...i don't want you to think i a stalker. no i don't dt for SO but i hang there a lot. i just picked up the Rose Moka kit. love the pace of the site and the girls. check it out if not just to hang. serendipity scrapbooks is another fave of mine. great group there too.