blow out.


no pics today. modem was blown by lightning yesterday...big bummer let me tell ya. am over at my sisters taking care of a little business, and wanted to post my latest woes. i have a couple of things to get on here too, but will have to wait for a new router and modem to arrive before i am back in the world of that a word?
hope to be back soon.

have a wonderful wednesday!!


  1. Oh girl...I hope you get that resolved soon...yikes..computers and modern technology! Thanks for stopping by and sending me good wishes. (I'm good...just under the misconception that I am SUPER WOMAN WITH EXTRA SUPER,GODLY ATTRIBUTES!!!!LOL)

  2. hey!
    i used the "aged photo" technique on lightroom (an adobe program)...i use that on all my makes skin tones look sooooo perfect and pretty!
    hope that helps!

  3. How long until that router gets there???? Aged photo rocks, too.....