card album.


had a girlfriend give me a couple sets of boxed note cards by we r memory keepers. they are 5.5 inches square with some fun patterns. i decided to turn some into an album. i will use the box to to house the album, and send them to my girlfriend to highlight some of the photos she took of the kids while she was visiting.

so the above is how the project started. 6 assorted patterns, and solid colors on the back. and don't forget the envelopes. made use of one of those as well.
to form the page, i taped the card closed, and used the folded edge as the outside edge of the album, to keep a clean look about the pages. the outer cover is not taped, but rather is kept as a regular card, and houses the other pages inside. i then used two small book rings to keep it all together.

here's the finished project:

this last page using the envelope with a photo slipped inside of it.

that's it for today. have some other posts waiting in the wings...they will just have to wait until after the closing ceremonies for tonights olympics...

have a wonderful evening...


  1. I love your idea of turning a bunch of cards into a mini album! Cool!

  2. Cute mini album, Jamie! Have missed you "under the willow tree"... think we'll be doing another challenge in Sept. (every other day, this time), so hope you might be able to join us!

  3. This is a great idea. How cute is that!!! Very creative lady!!