she did it!!!


so proud of my girl...she is officially on two wheels by herself!!! what fun it was for me to give her that big push, and find myself running beside her as she slowly realized she was solo on her bike. her eyes became as big as saucers, and her smile generously grew from grin to an expression of confidence at her new feat. pure joy...that's what it was, pure joy. the whole street was rejoicing with her. and i am as proud as a mamma could be.
the summer has been extra hot these past weeks, so getting out on our bikes has not been a priority. the evening was calm and beautiful a few ago, and we dragged all the bikes out and just hung around the front of the house. my friend, bren, practiced with her a few times up and down. (the altitude was getting to her, so we tag teamed and i took over). i sensed that she knew what and how to do it, she just needed to get going. that's when i decided to just give her a push from behind, and let go...and sure enough...that was all that was needed.
it was a good evening!

this is a blog i stumbled across in my travels, there is even a give away on there. april has a fun style about her by way of a cute project down on a post made july 11. i need to step into studio calico some day and actually buy and not just stalk...someday...

have a wonderful tuesday...


  1. hey girl!
    congrats on the first ride! that is definitely exciting :)
    thanks for stopping by my blog...on a side note, i think you keep calling me amy! maybe you're thinking of amy coose (on the WIP dt?)'s soooooooo not a big deal, but i just wanted to make sure you were stopping by the right blog!
    hope you're having a fab day!!

  2. WOW! That is a great picture you got of her.
    My oldest is still to scared to take off.
    Love the layout also.

  3. of course i forgive you!!
    no worries :)