design your life.


cathy z is offering a class over at big picture scrapbooking called design your life. alot of us over at willow traders are doing the same. seems we are all energized by the assignments so far, and loving sitting down with cathy via a slide show and listening to design concepts. it's just been alot of fun so far. if you have been sitting on the fence about this class, i encourage you to take the plunge. class is available for sign up's until the 8th i think.

it's my goal to just go with the flow and do her sketches as well as color suggestions as much as i am able, even if it is not the normal way i go about putting pages together. the first weeks layouts have used enlargements that i would never have added to a page. but i am so glad i did. the second assignment was suppose to be what i was 'into' at the time. i wanted to follow that concept through, and kept coming back to the reality that i am really into home life right now. home is a busy place and that is where my focus is. it included a 5x7 of me...which was a little scary to add...but for me an important part of the layout concept. is what we have done so far...
pre work assignment week one assignment one
week one assignment two
there is a bonus color assignment as well...hope to get to that in a day or two.
thanks for stopping by...have a wonderful sunday...


  1. You're really trying to push me off the fence about Cathy Z's class... love what you've done so far! Hey, read the WIP blog yet today? Might want to mosie over there if you haven't ;o)

  2. Congrats on the so deserve it. I am lovin' the cz work you've posted. I would have LOVED to been able to sign up...maybe she'll do it again soon. Great work you've done so far :D

  3. 1. I also love the CZ class. But man, your layouts blow mine AWAY!
    2. You're beautiful. I'm not weird or anything (okay, I am but not too much) but you are very photogenic and pretty.
    3. I'm not touching my ZZ papers until I see what you do with them so I can lift it all.
    4. I can't wait until next month. Yeah!


  4. I love your pages! That paris one is breathtaking! Congrats on Zany Z...can't wait to see what you do!

  5. your layouts are just BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the first one!!!