happy birthday...analise!


the end of an age...the toddler age that is. i officially, in 15 minutes from this writing, will no longer have a toddler in the house. it's been 13 years now that no one littler than 4 has been living with us. strange. sort of melancholy even.
but i celebrate her today in all that she is. because she is indeed, all that. abundant joy she has brought us these 5 years. alot of work too. our children's personalities are so vast from one another, and she is indeed, no exception. and i would not have her any other way.
when i asked her 5 things to tell me about her, this was her response:
1. i'm 5.
2. i like polly's (pockets).
3. i like babies ( and man does she...adorable!)
4. i'm cute.
5. i'm loud!
we all got a chuckle out of that one because it's so true!!!
so happy birthday to my 5 year old, cute, polly and baby loving loud girl! i love you!


  1. Oh, happy 5th birthday to your sweet Analise! What a precious face and layout!

  2. She is precious, just like her Mama. Happy Birthday Analise!!