room reveal.


avery's room is finally done. whew! and we are so glad and she is thrilled. did the room shifts here this fall. seth got his own room downstairs, known as the 'man-cave' {snort}. and avery officially moved out of the 'girls' room this week into her very own 'extremely madeover' room. she and i had a blast putting this together, planning colors, making changes. her colors include the cool blue you see on the wall. we were going to wall paper but opted for some hand-painting on the walls instead. she was so eager to help with that. found the cute little wicker side table at a model-home sale for not-expensive. and i have to share about that cute little wall piece there above the pillows.this little piece is a goodwill treasure found this week for $1.79. and it's my most favorite piece of all. accept we did not like the center's...felt they made the piece look a little dated. sooo....
i had a button cover kit laying around here from an rak for about a year. it donned on me to cover the buttons with some of her fabric, and use those for the middle. and i had 3 of them...perfect!
so that was super easy. thought i would need to re-paint the box itself, but it is a shabby green, like the green accents in her room, so we decided to just keep it like that. super easy

it really is a better green than this photo will reveal. and i love how it came out.

have another goodwill find for her room...gonna go finish that one now.

thanks for visiting!


  1. Her room looks fabulous! LOVE the flowers art piece, great job with the buttons!

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