ZanyZinnia October gallery...


is up...with lots of scrapping and paper goodness to share. again...blowin' my own horn with this design team gallery that i am thrilled to be apart of. the natural beauty kit is indeed beautiful. i encourage you to go run over there and purchase before they are all gone. and if you do before the 25th you are entered in a drawing in celebration of Zany's second anniversary...

have a wonderful fall day...


  1. I love that layout soooo much! Great!!!

  2. I love your work, Jamie! And I am so glad I waited to see what you did with yours before I touched mine now...LOL!

  3. Knew you would rock the ZZ kit! Gorgeous creations! I promise I'll mail your box on Monday... yes, things are just a bit crazy this month! How can one little birthday create so much havok? Yes, 5 is a great cute at 5. See ya under the tree!