looking forward.


i love calendars. not sure it's the photographic images that they usually come with that draw me...i think it's the numbers on a grid...the order...all those numbers in a row with opportunities in them to look forward. the book i read tells me to number my days, and so i try to do just that.

this time of year it is time for me to look forward to the new year and a need for a calendar. my problem is that i already have an academic planning calendar that i use quite heavily, but i want more!!! i know...a little weird here.

the above calendar is part of this month's WorkInProgress gallery. and it has inspired me (yeah, sometimes i even inspire myself), to make a few of these up for christmas presents this year. all i did was make the calendar part in photo shop elements, and i can change those layers around for a different month. the patterned paper was added to the bottom as was the little glittery image from crate paper. easy, fun, orderly. gotta love all those things.

so that brings me to some etsy finds that i wanted to share with you. again, maybe some inspiration to make your own, or to simply pick a few up for some christmas or even appreciation gifts (read teachers).

now this one is very versatile as it is a pdf file enabling you to print many on in one place, or to print them seperately, as well as print them on cardstock or patterned paper.

these are very fun...of course if they were to go on my fridge, i would never really know what day it is after my kids got to them.

more printable options here. love the clean graphics and big letters on these.

talk about clean lines, this option is very basic and i think has alot going for it.

simply pretty.

and these are all sold out, not calendars, but super sweet. ideal for the advent project that ali e did last year if you are still thinking of doing that.

thanks for visiting.

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