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i have been so very busy on the home front, and not much time on the blog front. but i keep wanting to share my thankful album from last november. i am so very glad i did this album as alot of the 'avery' clan were together with my grandmother for the last time. she just turned 89. makes for a bit of an emotional thanksgiving this year as she would have been 90, and she was always with us for thanksgiving since we lived here in colorado.

but anyway...the book was inspired by jessica sprague and downloads she provided...let me go check if those are still available...found it!!! 'so thankful' mini album instructions.

here are a couple of looks at the book i did...

as i just now went to locate the book, i realized i did not take photos of the book, but these are photos that made up the book. it was done all digitally. great way to go this time of year.
looking forward to bringing the mini front and center as we focus on the holiday that is thanksgiving.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this great mini...yours certainly is a treasure. I've missed you under the tree...

  2. cute!!
    hey, i think the site you're talking about is little birdie secrets?
    possible www.littlebirdiesecrets.com
    try that out, and if that's not the right address, then google it!
    hope that helps!