veteran's day


it dawned on me as i woke early, and took time to renew and pray...i have never thanked my father for his service in the service. not really sure how i would go about that without making us both feel very self conscious, or myself crying. he would be quick to point out that he did not serve in a foreign war. but he willingly donned the uniform during an era in our nation's history where it was not popular to be a member of our military. he was spat upon, just the same, the story goes. and that is the very reason we take the time on veteran's day, is to say thank you to all veteran's, because they were willing, no matter what the climate of the world was at the time.
my family comes from a long line of brave men who proudly served in the military. my grandfather, my dad's dad, was in one of the last actual calvary posts in this country. my mother's father served on mcarthur's staff in the philipines during world war II. my great uncle was serving the marines in pearl harbor that fateful day of december 7, 1941. my husbands grandfather was in the navy and served faithfully too, during the frightening days of world war II in the pacific theatre. his father went on and volunteered in the army and served in vietnam. we don't hear too much about that experience, but we are deeply thankful, just the same.
this brings us up to modern day. our family's blood is spent on the ground in iraq with my army officer cousin. he gave the ultimate sacrifice asked of one in the military in february of 2006. we will never forget.
and my prayer is that we teach our children to never forget, and teach them the value of life and liberty that we experience daily in this incredible country we call home.
may we bless GOD in this effort.

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  1. Very inspirational. Was just thinking yesterday about my dad and his service to our country... almost went to Korea and at the last minute was called off the bus to go to Germany instead. A big thanks to your dad, mine and the many men and women who have served.

    And yes, you are definitely one of my "fab five", lol! Not even sure I get that many visits a week, lol! So thanks for stopping by now and then :o)