more calendar musings


i currently have 3 calendars in my create space. yep, that's right, 3...why? because they make me happy. i have always been a calendar girl. a couple of posts ago i highlighted some calendar finds over on etsy. but because i'm cheap, i mean frugal, i get motivated to use what i have and make my own.
the jenni bowlin 6x6 die-cut calendar is a little beauty in it's simplicity. it sweetly sits on a small easel on a tray with some of my fav embellishments. too easy, but fun. i like that .

making memories always has an eye for cute. who doesn't love a scalloped edge? this one shows off my current favorite photos. it's 15 inches wide with plenty of room to do what ya want.

and speaking of making memories, i still have a thing for their passport line from this past summer. using a rhonna farrer digital tag (enlarged greatly), i placed a digital calendar from 2peas in the tag. this was printed on cardstock and then cut around the shape. using masking tape (thanks emily) i fancily adhered the tag to the 12x12 paper, added the passport chipboard letters to say 'jan'...easy as pie.

now off to plan february's calendars...

have a great day!!!

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  1. I love the tag with the calendar in it. and as I said before, I love the MM calendar!!