a week of sweets


we have this funny little tradition around here that is not set in stone, it may or may not happen, but when it does, it is no less very fun. we call it 'birthday-fest'. birthday fest can take the form of the week leading up to your birthday, or the beginning of your birthday month to your special day. and in each day you receive a little gift. my girlfriend bren started this several years back. and the tradition is spreading. this week my husband is celebrating valentine-fest. i have received a little goodie since monday. these goodies have taken the shape of dove chocolate, a yankee candle, my favorite caramels, a chocolate heart, a simple sweet note, and then last night was a real treat....drum roll...a whole bottle of diet pepsi just for me! how sweet is that?
tonight we will celebrate valentines in our home with a family night. we are making one of our favorite desserts: brownies with chocolate ganache, play games, probably wrestle on the floor and eat a simple dinner.
family education has a printable activity book that i hope to whip up for the littler ones and give to them tomorrow morning along with their box of necco hearts.
i love the simplicity of valentines day. little gifts, but not the rush and hurry of christmas giving. and all in the name of love.

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