easter sunday...


The weekend has been very busy already. Mostly related to serving at church, and then preparing the house and food for an easter feast in our home.
The children and Paul were suppose to come with me and serve the 1 and 2 year old room at the 7 a.m. service Sunday morning. But when I got home about 9 p.m. on Saturday evening, after helping the three services of that afternoon, and realized the children were still up and not really settled for the night yet, I knew that waking them early enough to dress and eat and be at church by 7a.m. would probably not be a very pretty reality. So…I nixed that and went in myself. They all joined me at the 9 a.m. service. We were in the 1 year old room with 21 of the little tikes…busy, adorable, full of energy. It was already a full day

We did not do the traditional egg hunt this year, but I always have a basket for my guys. This was filled with pocket boxes of candy, and bracelets for the girls, as well as hand-dipped pretzel sticks. Hard to let those go, as I love them so much. The children were pleased and delighted. Makes me happy.
The rest of the afternoon required a small snooze on my part. I love laying down with Analise, my last napper. There is something snuggly and comforting getting quiet with her for a few minutes.

After a little snooze I finished the dipping the strawberries, and some iced cookies. I put the berry trifle together. Paul baked the ham which turned out so very juicy and yummy. Mom brought her famous cheesy scalloped potatoes. Janette made several dishes of green bean casserole. Avery prepared a yummy new dip that we had with a platter of fresh veggies that Betty from across the street prepared. Diane, with her family in tow, brought the ‘fluffy salad’. That is always a big hit with the kids. In all we had about 19 in the house at three different tables.

Spirits were good despite the very wintry scene outside.

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  1. Cool stuff! I do berry and peach trifle on special occasions and when I go home, my mom INSISTS I make it for her Christmas dinner as well...love your art!! Angela