playin' with shrinky dinks.


O.K...well, I guess we do not call them 'shrinky dinks' anymore...that's child's play...wrong!!! What fun it was to use this jewelry printables kit from house of three and make these bracelets. They are gifts for my girls this weekend. And I highly recommend them to anybody for anytime.
After figuring out the best way to print on the shrink plastic, it all came together very well. I have a large format Epson, and using the draft setting to print enabled the ink to not go on so heavy, and the colors still popped very well when the plastic shrank down.
I also found that doubling the jump ring between each shrink 'charm' helped them fit around the bracelet better. The gals at ho3 showed buttons in between, I did not have buttons that would have fit like theirs, so I just opted for doubling the jumps. Here is the tutorial.
I also used the shrink plastic that I had on hand, which was transparent. Gave the bracelet a different look, but still great.
Found these cute mini toggle closures at wal-mart. They are perfect size for smaller wrists.

Love how they turned out, and can't wait for my girls to love them too.
Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. OMG Jamie!! These are heavenly! Love them!! I want to hear more about how you like House of Three. I've visited, but haven't pulled the trigger. Do you love?