zany zinnia sneaks...


I just saw that Stacy has the Zany Zinnia peaks for May up over at Zany Zinnia. For as popular and adorable as owls are, I have yet to use them in any of my layouts. Ray Of Sunshine kit looks to be very fun, upbeat and whimsical. Great kit for even those fun Easter Day photos.
May Basket is very eye catching. Are those American Craft Thickers in a script font? Looks like. Hmm...very, very tempting.
So what kits are catching your eye right now?

Enjoy your day!


  1. Will you be scrapping or crafting with owls soon? For the record (and from a different topic altogether...over at WT, I'm not a "purple scrapper" either, lol...). Love the ZZ peeks!

  2. your funny, candace...thanks for stopping in!