birthday weekend


the summer birthday party's have begun. how great it is to have a summer birthday. i don't, however, but two of my daughters do, as does my husband, and several extended family members. i can say this since i don't have one, but summer birthday's are the best!

living here does not always guarantee a warm june weekend, so this party had to come inside. but it was still summer in it's festivities.

of course the traditional blowing out of the candles.
we ate very yummy frozen strawberry and banana cheesecake.
watched a slide show from avery's birthday trip.
and of course, opened presents and simply had fun!
the contrast in gifts is enough to highlight who my daughter really is. her cousins bought her an oversized nerf dart gun so she could compete in the big boys wars. and her grandmother thoughtfully bought her a set of necklace and bracelet. both which she will cherish. (but you know that nerf gun is going to get a work out).
happy birthday, baby!

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