summer chore chart


This chore chart is in no way comprehensive, just so you know. I made this chart for one of my daughter's to train in her the habit of the very basics needed to be done in her morning. Just felt the need to defend my mothering, and this is not all of her responsibilities. Charlotte Mason talks frequently about the need to teach our children habits, and these are very basic daily habits that I want to become a natural for her. Thus, the chore chart.
Now, chores, as we all know, are NOT fun, but a chore chart can be. I kept this simple, sweet and to the point. It also matches my daughter’s room, which, if you know me is a no brainer. The flowers on the bottom are cut outs with wall putty attaching them to the chart. As she completes a particular chore, she moves a flower up to that task to show that it is done.

The dimensions are 12x12, and mounted on foam core. Using some Martha Steward p/p {green with polka dot} I added a strip of Collage Press p/p to distinguish the title. The puffy letters are from American Craft. The flowers are stampin up rub ons with a bit of bling added here and there. If you gotta do chores, you at least need bling for the happiness factor. The flourish around the title is also stampin up rub ons.
She loves it! Yeah. Mission accomplished for me.
Now, on to the other children.


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