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i posted on facebook today what a slacker i am...being in the midst of vacationing house guests, and a summer routine (um...make that non-routine), i have not been on here posting anything. well, i know that does not truly define me as a slacker, but when i slept until almost 9 a.m. this morning, a thing i just never do, well, then the slacker shoe fit.
so i am going to slowly but gently catch up here in the next few days. as we continue to enjoy the fabulous season that is summer, i still love to take a few moments in the studio and edit photos or work on some layout ideas.
but here's a bit of what happened here this week.

july 4th of course happened. accept ours was actually july5th. we had family traveling and not home to do the big neighborhood bash thing. not to mention it rained ALL day on the 4th. so sunday was just perfect to get out the fire crackers, invite the neighbors, throw some munchies on a table and just celebrate.

earlier that day we did a bit of hiking around garden of the gods. john and family had never seen this part of colorado yet, so we had to show it off. the kids love to climb those rocks. they love uncle john too.

paul took to being grill master for our holiday feast...

which included a guacamole throw down. my dad made his famously wonderful recipe, and ladona added two of her variations. they were all simply fabulous. with the grandkids help, my dad's won.

cupcakes always seems to end up somewhere in the july4th snack mix. well...after all, it IS a birthday.

and these two cutey-patutey's did not mind the celebration one bit!

be back soon...

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