the cupcake


Those of you who know me know my love for the brownie. I even made a layout declaring my love for that innocuous square of chocolate delight. However, there is something about devil's food with white buttercream. Maybe it's the supreme joy one experiences when a white frosted cake is cut to reveal deep chocolate cake inside.
Now shrink that reality down to a cupcake. An individual single serving of cake made for one. Well...don't shrink it too much. I'm often frustrated by how small a cupcake actually is at times. Large enough to tempt, but not usually enough to satisfy the need for chocolate currently in my soul. This leads me to a bit of experimentation in the world of cupcake liners.
I just could not get enough to love in the regular cupcake cup. So, I tried parchment squares. Have you seen these in the metro hip bakeries? I just did not get that to work efficiently. Maybe it needed the jumbo muffin pan to hold the paper better. So, on to the large cupcake liners made by Wilton. And you know...I think I like what that yielded. I still made it fit the regular muffin pan, but with the large liners, and a 1/2 cup of batter, this was a perfect proportion...for me, anyway.
In the words of Goldilocks, not too big, not too small, but just right.

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