hello july


(we interupt the posting of this blog news to care for the almost 8 year old who suffered injuries to the head today while 'playing golf' with her young friend. the patient received a dose of sturdy strips in lieu of stitches and is resting comfortably. now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.)
today we officially enter the last half of 2009...summer is in full swing, july 4th is 3 days away, and those lazy days of summer are still to be found. meaning, i just always have some project or other going on.our summer routine seems to fall into the cadence of morning chores and some sort of house project. before lunch pool, while it is still not scorching hot, and there are not too many other souls swimming as well. then of course lunch. maybe an errand or two, or just hanging out here at the house. the afternoon winds down with my reading to the girls. we have been studying wolves this week. then the youngest naps, and me too usually. the older ones are ready or pursuing their own projects quietly in their rooms. by that time they are ready to get outside with the puppy, or help water the flowers or vegtables. then dinner usually on the patio, and more playing. this week that has included some early revelers in the neighborhood shooting off fireworks. that's right, works, not crackers.
today i wanted to include some of the july 4 decorating around the house.

This is my focus point in my front room. I try to change this up every so often. Not every month, mind you. However, as I say that, when August arrives, this will probably change over to some sunflower type motif. I have always loved sunflowers, and they seem to go naturally with August.

These vintage prints are from last years Jenni Bowlin papercrafting kit. So glad I picked those up.

Do you remember my Memory Box post over at WIP last month? I am continuing the theme. This time it celebrates my Dad who's birthday is this month. I love these photos and hate for them to be hid away in an album.

Last year's JB papercrafting kit. Easy focus point on the month.

Are you seeing a JB trend here? I am just really enjoying the vintage touch around my home. Made an accordian book with my kids photos from last July.

I just absolutely love these 3x3 mini canvases. This wall project was made last year and hung on our wall. It it looks just as fabulous this year. Tip: the Elmer's orange wall putty is great for hanging light weight projects on the wall. I use it very, very often for this type of thing.

This too is a wall art piece from last year. I have not done it in a while, but I love just finding patterned papers, stamps, embellies, that 'go' together and throwing it up on some foam core. I am very symmetrical, thus the grid sketch going on here.

have a wonderful july day!


  1. i love all of your decorations! I bought that JBS papercrafting kit last year too and turned my stars into a banner. I have them hanging on my window now. I'm tempted to leave them up a little longer

  2. My My My ! What an incredibly rich and beautiful post! You have some serious talent Girl!