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Outside my window...grey and cloudy and rainy all day. I don’t live in Seattle for a reason, and this would be it. I just don’t look good in grey!

I am thinking...about Trish’s blog post today…lots.

I am thankful evening ahead of me in my studio…even if the dang phone is ringing right now.

From the kids and I made chocolate covered oreos today…snort…like an oreo needs that!

I am fav green t-shirt…the one with that little useless pocket.

I am creating...for me tonight.

I am continue to pursue peace in joy in our schooling experience.

I am reading...What We Wish We’d Known

I am hoping...tomorrow’s weather is the mid-80 degrees that weather man says it’s suppose to be. (are you detecting a hint of bitterness?)

I am hearing...Deas Vail on one of my fav playlists.

Around the sort of messy…sort of not.

One of my favorite watching my beautiful children change and grow right before my eyes every single day.

A few plans for the rest of the week: bbq at friends…library…several online orders need to be placed…a whole lot of kids over for the night on Friday evening…with grilled pizzas on the patio…my daughter and i serving together saturday at that!

My favorite photos today: hmmm…I keep so not including my favorite photo…but maybe it actually is as it is the sign of an artist at work, even in her otherwise busy life…you tell me.

seriously...can i close a drawer?

sigh...will i ever be organized in my space? ever?

Inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook


  1. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading the tidbits and had to giggle when I saw the pix!


    P.S Thanks for the tip about the page protectors ;-)

  2. I love that you shared your photos with us. I wish I was that brave!!

  3. Love your creative space - It felt sneaky checking out the bits laying on your table and I love how artisticly the tail of the pop dot roll trailed from the drawer. Thanks for sharing the bits of you!