you just gotta create for yourself. now that may sound a bit profound. but i think i can get a bit too wrapped up in my project list and forget to just enjoy the process, be myself, and not try and scrap for the people. or even for my kids. i tend to stay within certain parameters when i scrap for my kids books.

i know...none of you out there would EVER do that...but see, i'm attempting some transparency here and gotta tell you...i simply forget to take time and just enjoy it for the personal fulfillment that it is.

this layout was an exercise in 'me'. (o.k. please assure me that does not sound as bad as i think it sounds)...

the photo is of me. the layout is for MY book. the journaling is a bit attitudinal (is that a word?). i did not follow a sketch. i used the housewife paper kit from amanda johnson - one whom i am ever becoming a greater fan of - and i just enjoyed the process. sigh...

can't wait to do it again...soon...i hope...or there just might be more attitude in the journaling.

thanks for visiting...


  1. You go girl!! I love love love the layout - but I adore the journaling the most. Step up and be proud of it. It does not sound conceited - it sounds confident and I am so proud of you for that!!
    Cannot wait to chek out the Amanda Johnson kit. Jenni Bowlin is going to have some of the papers in her September kit with some unbelievablce black/yellow/cream paper she realeased. Oh decisions!!
    PS - Thanks for asking - I am great - back is good and my new inversion table will require a post all of its own. HaHa :D

  2. love that layout!!
    i hear you on the scrapping for yourself!!

  3. you should link this over on mandi's blog. she'd love to see it.

    LO is fab and so are you

  4. Oh my gosh, I love it! Seriously way cool. xo

  5. Jamie, this page is amazing is so many ways!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it!!!!

  6. You rocked this!! Attitude and all! And you know...why not have a little sass. This layout is about you and there is no better person to get sassy about!

  7. love your sassy page about you!love how you used stitching on the page..great job