the mini monster


you have heard of the cookie monster, right? (is it politically correct to call him that still...oh i hope so). i guess i have been a bit of a mini monster as of late. the mini album is such a great treasure. one of my blog visitors recently stated how their children look at mini's more than the larger albums. i think that holds true in this household as well. while i still constantly create layouts for my mainstream albums, the mini is becoming such a great outlet for bits of odd creativity. especially when it includes using up stash that is desperate to be used.
this funny little mini is too easy for words. it was inspired several years go by ali edwards, a long time inspiring-enabler. her book, like mine in the photo, can be found in her life artist book. using alphabet 4x6 indexed cards, and pattern paper covered chipboard covers, and don't ever forget book rings, i made up this simply simple little book. it holds 'what not' for me. some of the odd and ends that i add to this book include:
stamps, receipts, extra photos, coffee labels, fav gift cards, bits of patterned paper leftover, ideas, interesting postal labels, special cards, my kids measurements, rx slips, coffee sleeves, quotes, business cards, book lists.
just whatever is lying around that catches my attention. it's simple, really. a simple way to stay creative, even when i'm not in the midst of a big project.

so it seems this blog has been on a bit of a theme. a mini theme. i would really love to see what you all come up with. have you been in the mini spirit of late? me up...i would love to see what's going on in your studio.
have a lovely day!


  1. what a neat idea! alphabetizing life!! sounds like a great 2010 album!

  2. I did something very similar 2 years ago for as I was trying to organize our Christmas traditions alphabetically!! Needless to say I didn't keep it up, a bit too complicated! Which i think is key here for thses minis to be and stay FUN one has to simplify, simplify, simplify! Your idea sounds very practical and fun and you are seriously making want to forget about all my others projects and start minis again!!


  3. really love this little mini - gosh I so want to do something like that!!!

  4. Seriously, how creative are YOU!!!

    Thinking of a mini...will share if I finish it up!!

  5. trish...i am sure it is a disease.
    with no cure.
    accept to make more mini's.
    stay tuned.

  6. So clever - Love this!
    Good morning! Happy Saturday!!

  7. Oh, this is SOOOOOO inspiring!!!! I love your ideas and I am dying to make more minis :)

  8. love, love, love it! so am going to make one of these!