ode to the boomtown rats


I can’t tell you what pleasure it gives me to inspire others. The blog hop has certainly been a great vehicle in which to do just that. To inspire people to put their hearts to work and their scraps to use means so much to me. It truly fuels that little something inside. Especially on a day today. “I don’t like Mondays” is really holding true for this beginning of the week. But then a moment in the chaos to go and read over the weekends comments and responses to my mixed paper mini is so overwhelming. Most especially if people actually do get inspired and do a mini for themselves.
I truly love this mini I am working on daily. It is very similar to the December Daily that I have loved doing the past two years. With this current project, I am being very transparent with what gets journaled inside. But that is a new corner I am turning. Instead of trying to be every woman and do it all myself, and then fail and then keep the failure inside, I am attempting a bit of honesty with myself. And with life.
Today, however, the honesty required a need to get out of the house and retreat for a bit to a fav place. Thank you, Chipotle, for bringing a little quiet and very good food to my Monday.
Life really is good.


  1. hehehe! Chipotle is our Family's favorite here in Chi-Town!


  2. I couldn't agree more! We love it too--a family favorite!

  3. We have no Chipolte in Florida - go figure! Rock the honesty girl. You have a lot to be proud of - every woman? too much pressure - 'specially when you already have all it takes to qualify for wonderful. I am still working on the apple - get this- I was struck with a new idea for a mini too. So I have one in the wings waiting for the apple to be complete! ;) You are an inspiration. The new mini will be made of recyclables (yes - i am going to torture more cardboard!) and stuff laying around! No pre-designed - all mixed up! PS - I am pretty thankful for the world wide web and to count you as my friend! So - what are you going to inspire me with tomorrow? :D :D