{21} day challenge


as posted yesterday, i have jumped into rhonna farrer's 21 day challenge she is hosting over at her blog. she daily posts an inspirational quote and a word. she uses her incredible talent to artfully create both the word and quote into a downloadable element. using those digital elements, i am working creatively on an art journal, so to speak, while focusing on the spirit of the quote to help me change a habit.

on the one hand i am very excited about this challenge.

there is a habit of a certain mood i allow myself to fall into fairly often.

and i am tired of what it is doing to me and those around me that i love.

the effects can be far reaching.

i want to dispose of it.

and this is the journey i am going to take to do just that.

on the other hand...i am nervous about posting a "suppose to be" art journal here. i am not good at this. i am too safe and don't take alot of chances. but it is a beginning. and that's not to say i am not enjoying it. i do enjoy this process. but i am being very safe...

this blank book was given to me for a christmas present. saved for a special occassion. this art journey is just that occasion.

day one::power. the graphic art work is rhonna farrer's. i used a katie pertiet digital patterned paper as the backdrop for another quote from rhonna's quote from day one.

day two:: journey. again her wordart, which i stamped around with a label stamp. i also printed on the kp paper. the right side is a die cut heart, and punched butterfly. the page is stamped with a bottle lid. and then i hand penned the quote up against the heart.

day three::effective. this page is my favorite so far. her 'effective' word art is beautiful. i have been adding color with watercolor pencils to her art work. the vellum butterfly is die cut and stamped with french script. again, i hand penned the quote and added some color shading. and asked myself the question "are you?"

day four::inspiration. again, her word art is gorgeous. the right side is also her work, the image in the middle. i have always wanted to play with squiggly journaling, and so did just that on the right side as well. added more color shading too.

see how safe it is?
but it's mine.
and every morning i look forward to reading the quote and word of the day.
and applying that to my day.
and getting creative with it as well.

have a wonderful evening and weekend!


  1. Jamie! This is gorgeous! I don't find it safe at all....at least it wouldn't be my version of safe. I think it is lovely and very cool.

  2. you are the mini master!!! that is beautiful

  3. Wow - you are creating an awesome piece of art. I love that you are being real - safe or not - it is yours. I see conviction in your words which will carry you to success. Own it! You go girl.

  4. Jamie...it's not easy to put yourself out there but you do it with such style! I cannot wait to see more.

    After reading your last few posts, you may be interested in Julia Cameron's books. They are inspirational, to say the least. Email me if you want the details.
    {{{hugs}}} roseanne

  5. Looks wonderful so far!! great job on your Art Journal!

  6. Jamie, what an artistic journey you embarked on!!! I think this is a great exercise both creatively and mentally. It looks wonderful and I can't wait to see more!
    PS: Your blog list looks great ;)

  7. Good Evening Jamie!

    Wow, you so totally UNDERestimate yourself! My! Safe? Are you kiddin'? You are DOING it! Isn't half the victory?...not to mention that you're doig it with gusto!

    I love your ability to give so much and yet hold on to the core of it, I could find many examples of that just in your design: the swirl stamp that you cleverly placed, your use of white space, your way with color...

    That balance is precisely what I find very attractive about your style! and seeing your art journal makes me wished I had started it with you!

    Keep up the great work, I feel you're really onto something here.

    Thank You!

  8. What a beautiful journal! You really did a fabulous job!