it's important...


to know what one can handle, and what one needs to lay aside for a season. even though the deciding can be very difficult, nonetheless an effort needs to be made to know when to say 'when'.

even with a simple, yet wonderful, challenge like LEO (layout every other day) that is being hosted over at WillowTraders. i love doing these challenges so much. for many reasons. the cyber-gabbing that takes place among the participants is so much fun. i love that comraderie very much.

i also enjoy the spontaneity needed to get a layout created in a few days time within the set parameters. it's a wonderful creativity exercise.

and of course i love the comments, as well as the time spent in the gallery looking at what other peoples take on the same challenge looks like. the diversity is always inspiring.

but for right now, it's a luxury i need to step away from. and it's ok. it's ok that i know when to say "not right now". it's ok to know when other projects get set on my table that need to be a priority at the moment. it's ok to scale back a little and allow some time to 'be'.

so, this goes out to my LEO friends. and some of you are becoming dearer to me daily, and you need to know how thankful i am for that! today's post is simply an ode to this months LEO that i stepped away from, and a salute to all you lovely ladies who are rockin' those projects and getting that creativity out there to share with us all.

LEO1::july LEO lift
LEO2::color pallette challenge
LEO3::all about recycling
LEO4::older photos
LEO5::gettin' sketchy with it
LEO6::let's get edgyLEO7::stash plus
have a most wonderful week, ladies!!!


  1. Sorry to see you leaving the LEO challenge, Jamie, but you certainly created some great projects while you were in!

  2. Your LEO layouts are fabulous! I hope you are happy with your accomplishments. It's good to re-prioritize occasionally. Good luck with your endeavors. :)

  3. I completely understand. At least you have the great LOs that you did create, so it wasn't a waste.

  4. I will miss your LEO layouts but I am not leaving you alone. :) You are my friend and I know II can still come see you on your blog and visit with you here and there. You know we just luv ya and want you to do what's best for you. I will be peeking in here at at WIP to get my Kamie craft fix. ;) Talk to you soon my ffriend - I do hope you are feeling better. Healty thoughts and prayers being sent to you!! Thanks for putting all the LOs in one spot so we can get inspired in huge doses! You rock girl!

  5. LOL - ok - so my mind thinks faster than my fingers and that is why I am one big typo. Kamie - that's an interesting name. removing an f and I - tossing you the t oye vey - I am laughing right now!!!

  6. Wow! All those layouts are just fab. My favorite is the One of Us one... the butterflies are great!

  7. Ok, Lisa just cracked me up and I can't remember what I was going to say... it was supposed to be smart and all about how difficult it is sometimes to prioritize (at least I have a hard time with it too!) so I congratulate you for the strength that it takes to do so and your LEO pages are all wonderful!

  8. It's okay to prioriz! Here's hoping that after some "time off", you will be re-energized. Your layouts are fabulous and I always enjoying seeing your work.

  9. awe i'll miss ya, but your pages rock!!

    sometime we have to put life in order, then it all falls back into place!


  10. see...this is why i love the wt'rs...yor have always been such wonderful women since day 1.
    i will miss LEO, that's for NOT be a stranger...
    lisa and nathalie::you both crack me up!

  11. Wow, what a sweet post, Jamie! We love you too! Like I posted over at WT, completely understand and respect your decision. Lots of things in life need to come before LEO, but we sure were glad to have you play along with us for a while ;o) You know I'm never but an email or a chat under the willow tree away...