working on october


here's my gallery submissions for WIP for the month of september. i usually get them posted a bit earlier than this to my blog, but the beginning of the month was crazy! so here they are. am working on october's projects as i write. will sneak that a bit later this be sure to come back and visit.

i posted 'wonder' earlier here on the blog. i still love it.

this was simply fun to create. and i know i am going to love looking back at a busy week some day when the little one's are gone and life is not centering around them. have you ever done a layout about your schedule?

ah! mini-me. so like her mama in so many ways. isn't it amazing with your children how you love them all equal, but differently? does that resonate with anyone? they all speak to my heart in their own individual way.

just pure fun here! gotta watch that movie again.

this reminds me...lisa...did you ever get your apple mini done? i have this one still hanging in my studio...i must exercise the creativity of dreaming daily.
have a wonderful first day of fall kind of day!


  1. LOVE your WIP projects, Jamie! Especially taken with "wonder" and love the idea of a "schedule" layout... will be doing one of those soon!

  2. Wow! You are one talented lady. I love all your LOs and the apple mini.

    Regarding kids, my three boys are as different as they day is long and I love them all equally but in wildly different ways. My eldest is a lot like me which makes us work well together but I struggle with being too critical of him. My middle is so relationship oriented he is a breeze to spend time with, but he's impossible to motivate. My youngest... he's just like his dad - a passionate, wild, whirling dervish of energy. So I love him to bits and he drives me crazy.

  3. Good Morning Jamie!
    My that's a lot! Everything looks super cool, I especially like your l.o "My week" everything about it is just so perfect and once again I'm amazed at your beautiful regular handwriting! It really complements your page!


  4. These are all so wonderful!!! I love each of them for different reasons! I have to do a schedule one too! ;)

  5. I seriously love you. We'd be dangerous if we lived closer. But I know you'd inspire me and challenge me to do more!! I always leave your blog feeling like I need to lift something and get to work. Beautiful gallery--as ALWAYS! :) Love you!

  6. You are a rock star - Now I have to go home and get out my leftover bits from the WIP Sept to lift you! You are such an inspiration Jamie! The apple book - all the pages are covered - I just have to pick the pics and embellish. Which is crazy because loading it up is my favorite part - I lost steam - was distracted I guess. Now I want to make little hangy bits of inspiration for all my friends. So the mini might be but a memory and an array of friendly inspiration may replace it! Hope you are feeling better - I came by this morning to check for a sickie update! Feel better pal. PS - I want to scrap with you and Trish too some day!!

  7. I love coming to visit Jamie! Your creativity is truly wonderful!