just a little sneak


a little peek at what i have been working on around here. to be revealed later in the week.
PLUS...a little fun surprise for later this week...(hee hee...don't ya hate it when people do that?)
but for now::
starting a new week.
21 day challenge is ending this week. i will miss that. it has been a great success in many ways.
finishing up avery's colonial smock. really coming along nicely.
have a couple of little indian girls running around here eager to show their new dresses off too.
enjoying beautiful fall weather. warm days. cool nights.
finished decorating the house for the season.
and today my oldest daughter and i were scoping out some yummy fall recipes. will be starting a new collection i think. i love it that she loves the kitchen as much as i.
how is your week shaping up?
have a beautiful day!


  1. Happy Monday Jamie!
    Love your update, it is such a nice way to begin the week afresh isn't it?
    * I love the retro ( notice I'm not writing "vintage" ) look of your page
    * Yes, I do hate it when people do that! ;-)
    * Autumn is so perfect to revamp rediscover recipes
    I have been finding jewels here=> http://www.lafujimama.com/ maybe something interesting for you and your D.D
    * I haven't started my Fall deco yet ;-(
    * can't wait to see your "21 day mini" complete and the smock!