baby, it's cold outside. second morning in a row. temperature is 16 degrees. ice is beautifully laden among the trees. while a very beautiful sight to wake to, it is causing our brillant fall to go away pre-maturely.

flowers have officially gone to seed.

the leaves are so beautiful frosted. only God could have bestowed this beauty.

the scene in our backyard this morning. everything looks so perfect.

oh! and did i tell you about my 180 last night on the icy streets. THAT was fun! needless to say, we are staying in today until it thaws. suppose to be back in the 40's by noon. we shall hope.

what's been going on this week in studio::

i am officially un-officially following along with THAW over at willow traders. using their prompts for the challenge is giving me some motivation to work through some projects.

these layouts here are of my son at 2. now you have to realize, when i first started scrapping back in the dark ages we had NO money, and i had NO style. and that is how my pages looked. my son (now 14) recently commented to me that my style now is a little different then when i first put his book together. he said it in a nice way, mind you, but i knew what he meant. so i have been systematically re-doing pages of his book. and although i am facing a few challenges by doing this, there have been several benefits to it, and so i continue the project.

1. the new pages are now going in american craft d-ring 12x12 albums

2. the book has a cohesive feel to it that i am really liking. relying on my ever favorite kraft cardstcok (and in my humble opinion stampin up has the best kraft out there), each page is backed with kraft, and i am sticking to a few colors for pop.

3. the pages are also cohesive as there is a certain sketch style i am maintaining with each page. keeping it very simple. the focus is on the photos+story.

4. as i am doing these, i realized i only scrapped for HIM during these days, and do not really have a 'family' album for the same time frame. it's making me a little frantic, and not sure how to go about that. while going through these pages, i am culling several that i don't think would be that important to him, and they are put away for another day. and may very well end up in a 'family' book.

thanks for listening to me go on this morning. hope you have a wonderful fall sunday where you are!


  1. Your photos are gorgeous Jamie, I esp. like the very first one! I like the cohesive feel of the pages that you have redone. Kraft and little pops of colors go a long way, don't they?! :)

  2. Seriously, I LOVE your photos! I felt cold looking at them. You have a wonderful eye for photography! I'm a huge fan of kraft cardstock. It just makes everything pop off the page. I love your layouts and your wonderful photographs.

  3. Love your layouts! And I'm w/you on the SU Kraft! ;)

    Also...argh! What's up with this weather!!! We got NO fall! Bummer.

  4. Great layouts! I love those frost pictures you should scrap them!!

  5. Those photos of the ice are great! It got cold here yesterday, but not THAT cold. Brrrr!

    And I love your son's layouts with the kraft backgrounds. I ordered a pack of the Stampin Up kraft paper last week -- and so I was glad to see the way you've used it. The colors really POP against the kraft on all of them!

  6. Your photographs are amazing. I, so, love the one with the frosted leaves, don't get to see that often....and, I agree, our creator is SO amazing...a true amazing ORIGINAL artist!! I am in awe everyday that I notice so many unique plants, animals and landscapes. But, I have totally digressed! Your layouts are wonderful too! Everything looks fabulous on your Kraft paper.

  7. Wow, those photos of God's frosty handiwork are lovely! And another thing we have in common... my almost 10.5 year old Seth's "first year" album too is in quite a different style... but I'm not sure if I will rework it or not... food for thought! I ♥ SU kraft too.

  8. omg that's tooooo cold!!! great thaw work!!

  9. "top of the Morning to You Jamie!
    Wow for someone who usually doesn't post on Sundays!...
    * Love your pix of the frost
    * I'd rather admire them from a distance though ;-)
    * You are so brave to redo some of your son's pages
    * I totally agree with you about that Kraft, so perfect in every circumstance but especially for a boy.
    * I really like your pages, very {A}!
    * Did you ever bake this week-end?

    ** Sending you all the warmth I can find ;-)

  10. We were about the same on Saturday weather-wise! Yuck - way too early for that!

    Love that you are re-doing the layouts. I don't think I'd ever have the time to do that! Beautiful job!

  11. your photos of your yard are amazing! Such beautiful surroundings. Be careful with the ice, scary car situation!

    Love your LO's too

  12. Great shots of your first cold snap. You are getting better and better with new camera. Glad you went ahead and got it.
    The layouts of Seth...oh my, can we believe he was that small? You have come along way in your scrapping style.