oh my!


is it really thursday? with labor day being a few days ago, and having been out of town over the weekend, this week is flying by with so much busyness attached to it....


i am so glad to have 'stumbled' upon this over at rhonna's blog.

and i am on board...seems to be just what i am needing right now to get a grip on a habit i need to change up a bit.

and it's not too late if you have never done her 21 day challenge...you can jump in any time.

plus, it's an opportunity for me to fiddle around with an art journal of sorts while i journey through the daily quotes and inspirations.

i love that.

this is good.

and timely.

let me know if you are going to jump in too!

have an effective day!


  1. Hi Jamie!
    I feel good stuff brewing in the Jmpgirl household!
    If I could I would totally jump in with you!
    I can't wait to see what you're up too!
    Do come back and share with us soon?!

  2. I am off to check what it is all about! Emailing you back too :)

  3. Wow - how fun. I am going to check it out. Hope you had a great time on your weekend get away!

  4. I'm doing the challenge too...and wishing I had the time right now to do an art project for it. I wish you luck in achieving your goal!