special report...


i drop that line today as i usually do not blog on sundays. just a thing i do to focus on other activities in my day.
however, i just wanted to drop in and leave the {21} day challenge day 6 art work from rhonna's site. and to say that if you are wanting to be apart of this challenge (and you know who you are)...that you can jump in any time. it is an amazing little journey i am on traveling through these quotes and then working through an art journal. the focus i am giving to these challenges has clearly enabled me clarity and a better vision for who i am to be. the word amazing continues to resonate in my mind, but that's just what it is right now.
so fortunate to have 'stumbled' on this creative therapy at this point in time.

i plan to post days 5&6 from my journal tomorrow.
thank you all for your kind comments and encouragements. this is such a great community.


  1. Who me??????????????
    hehehe!!! So you mean I have: none, zero, aucune, niet, nunca, zip, niecht excuses not to jump in?!!hmmmm...