art journal or quote book


as i look back over this project, i am not convinced it's an art journal as much as it is a quote book. researching other life artists actual art journals has caused me to come to that conclusion. i am still very intrigued by these journals, and really want to pursue it farther. i just missed a class over at get it scrapped by dina wakley called the grafitti of my life. time and ability is causing me to pass this class up for now.
so for today, here is the rest of the {21} day challenge art journal i did in september...the pages with the fancy digital quotes are the work of rhonna farrer.

this page is one of my favorites. not only is the quoted element succint and beautiful, but the addtional quote by n. eldon tanner is a daily must read for me::

day 10. re-discovered my stamps during this journal. i loved getting acquainted with them again::



day13. had fun with an enlarged font from 2p's called old type. rhonna also inspired some hand must doodle daily::

day14. ahhh!!! had a great time with the stamp work here on lower right. some of my favorite stamps::

day15. cut out the 'wish'::



day19. used some of rhonna's digital brushes to make the orange frame. pretty::



sure hope to find an art journal class the beginning of the year...
who will join me?


  1. Hey Jamie, I am pleased the snow has melted!! Loving your work - the art journal is fab!!

  2. Beautiful art journal. Love what you did with the stamps.

  3. Happy Halloween Jamie and congratulations on completing your journal. If you want to try a GREAT on-line journal ezine...check out Teresa McFadden's...they are great and only cost $18-$20 and you can go at your own pace. I've done three of hers and love them all. Hope this helps, fondly, Roberta

  4. roberta...i wish i could contact have enabled me more than once now...!!!

  5. I love, love, love this book you are making. I'm going to go back and look at the pictures!

    and a huge congrat's on 20 years!!!!!!

  6. beautiful thoughtful and the detail is wonderful! i love how you create and how you think...
    congrats on 20 years...

  7. this is so creative! love your journaling and your work

  8. I love your journal- what a great idea! All your pages are lovely

  9. Chère Amie,

    So glad you shared these pages here with us . They're very inspiring and I love the fact that each is unique yet has your style stamped all over it. They exude a strong sense of lightness, very inspiring indeed!


  10. Happy Belated Anniversary! Twenty years is quite an accomplishment!

    I love your journal. The artwork in it is super,...great stamping and doodling! The designs and inspirational quotes are fabulous!

  11. Jamie, your 21 day journal turned out awesome! You did such a great job! I might join you in doing an art journal in January. :)

  12. Your journal is beautiful! I love all the pages and the way you included the artwork on each one.